Linothé strives to deliver optimised; technical and financial justifiable solutions. The engineers of Linothé have, at individual capacity, pioneered and delivered a variety of projects in the areas listed below. We have resources and expertise to offer engineering services in the following areas:
  • Substations and Equipment
  • FACTS devices
  • Reactive Compensation
  • Power Quality Studies, Measurement and Monitoring
  • Power System Planning Studies & Electrification
  • Primary & Secondary Plant Commissioning Protection scheme testing & commissioning

HVDC projects are fairly complex and due to initial investment that is required for a project to get off ground, due diligent studies need to be performed for economic justification of a project. Amongst other aspects we take into account the field experience of relevant technologies, most suitable topologies / configurations for a system that meets the operating requirements whilst achieving high availability, reliability and maintainability. Linothé together with its Associates have experience of undertaking such project.

System studies

Power Quality Studies

EHV/HV/MV Substations and Equipment

Project Consulting