Linothe Pty (Ltd), trading as Linothe Grid Solutions was founded in July 2015 as a Consulting Engineering Company which offers services in HVAC & HVDC power systems substations and maintenance. We offer services and / or provide consulting services for green and brown field projects from initial phase to final phase of a project.

Linothe Grid Solutions is composed of specialists who have worked on projects which encompass power quality studies, reactive compensation sizing and design, protection scheme testing and commissioning, HVDC & FACTS projects development, refurbishments and maintenance.

These include different phases of projects from planning phase, equipment specifications, preliminary designs and design reviews, factory acceptance testing, asset commissioning up to project handover.

Drawing from our resources and expertise, we actively pursue projects and initiatives that are technically and economically feasible and beneficial to our clients.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide optimal solutions for transmission and distribution systems with high standards of quality that meet both technical and financial investments. We believe that operating excellence and professionalism are the foundation of our business success.


Linothe and its Associates have complement of both local and internationally recognised Professional Engineers with more than 40 years combined experience in Power Systems, HVDC and FACTS. We understand the needs of the industry including but not limited to system performance and / or plant performance as well as skills development challenges.

The industry we serve is well developed, however, Linothe and Associates bring a unique experience that is rich in Power System knowledge and technologies available to meet the transmission and distribution system challenges as well as to optimize the performance of existing Power Systems.


We have experience in the use of the following software:

1. Electromagnetic Transient Simulation tool EMTDC / PSCAD

2. PSS/E

3. DigSilent